Branch "Memorial Sign of Bagration Operation from the Times of the Great Patriotic War"

The memorial sign "Bagration" was opened on June 21, 2014.

Author: sculptor V. Kondratenko.

The height of the memorial sign is seven meters.

The branch of the museum was created by the decision of the Svetlogorsk regional executive committee dated December 16, 2014 No. 1939. The museum complex includes: a memorial sign, a chapel, trenches, dugouts, samples of military equipment and weapons. The legendary Soviet IS-3 tank and the D-44 divisional cannon (85 mm) are mounted on the oak gats. In the exposition "Operation Bagration" visitors will be able to learn more about the documents, exhibits of the Great Patriotic War, learn about the main stages of preparation and conduct of the operation "Bagration", see the military documentary chronicle.

Opening hours of the exhibition:

(summer time)
10.00 — 14.00
15.00 — 19.00
(winter time)
10.00 — 14.00
15.00 — 17.00